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2.3 grams Saffron


2.304 grams of the highest grade (Sargol) saffron. Packaged and sealed at production. Expiry date: 2021 (Price includes Free Postage!!)

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Novin Saffron, founded in 1992, is one of the world’s top saffron producers and holds dozens of awards and standard accreditations. The first in the world to receive ISO 9001 certification in the field of saffron (1996), Novin Saffron is globally renown for its outstanding quality and one of the most popular brands used in Iran today.

To read more about the manufacturing process, grades of saffron, recipes and more, visit the Novin Saffron website: Novin Saffron

PLEASE NOTE: There is a lot of cheap, fake and poor quality saffron sold on the internet. When buying saffron, check:

Is there a PRINTED expiry date?

Many sellers make up a fake expiry date or do not provide an expiry date AND manufactured date. This is because the saffron is old and has aged. Novin Saffron PRINT the manufactured date AND expiry date onto all packets before leaving the factory to STOP sellers selling old saffron that lacks quality and taste and to STOP sellers making up their own expiry date.

Is the product sealed?

Some sellers add moisture to add weight, yet saffron should not be moist. Tricks also include sellers adding corn silk and spraying colouring chemicals to give the appearance of Saffron. To STOP saffron being tampered with, buy saffron where the product is sealed BEFORE leaving the factory. Novin Saffron is packed in perforated boxes BEFORE leaving the factory, to STOP sellers tampering with saffron. Many sellers use plastic bags and plastic boxes but these are NOT sealed during the manufacturing process. They can easily be opened without anyone knowing.
Is the company and product certified – where is the PROOF?

Does the company have ISO certifications and quality management certificates?

Many sellers write – ‘pure grade, top quality’ or provide an ISO but without any further information or certificates or PROOF, this means nothing. Novin Saffron provides a list and copies of all their certificates on their website AND on their packaging as PROOF of the quality standard. Many sellers may claim to be certified and sell top grade saffron but without packaging or proof, the information means nothing.
Is the saffron pure?

Lower grade saffron will have more yellow strands. Pure saffron should be the red stigma tips only.

Have you tested the saffron?

Place a single strand in a bowl of room temperature water. Within 5-10 minutes, the strand will colour only the water surrounding the strand. It can take up to an hour or more for the strand to colour all the water. Once the strand has been in the water for a few hours, it should still retain it’s red colour. Fake saffron will not retain the colour and fake saffron will colour the water far quicker when placed in a bowl of water, due to colouring dyes.


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