Welcoming Change

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut. The familiar becomes comfortable, the people around us reinforce who we are and our surroundings, environment and daily routine becomes repetitive and stale. Routine is fine but at times, we might have goals and ideas which have sat in our head for months to years, hoping we might act on them but instead our habitual routine becomes a block to pursuing change. Or perhaps we did act on our goals but the outcome failed to meet the expectations we had hoped, so we dropped ambition, retreated and returned to safety. Yet, it is worth remembering, the greatest so-called failures can provide insights into our minds and life, which otherwise, would have remained hidden because change is valuable. In essence, change in our lives helps us grow, evolve, learn and can broaden our perspective.

However, daring to live, to try, to step out of the ordinary patterns of our lives can be met with obstacles and the biggest challenge can be us. All the fears surface, the criticising voice starts speaking, the doubts, the excuses and reasons why we should stick to what we know, voice up. This is why, getting out, leaving the house, walking away from the doubts filling our head and instead entering into an environment where our deterimination to make change, alongside others who feel similar, can help. This course explores change and the challenges faced en route to making changes. Alongside the themes explored weekly, each participant will choose an aspect they wish to change at the start of the course, with the aim to achieving it by the end of the six weeks. This, with the aid of support both inside and outside the six weekly sessions.

course outline

Week 1

Exploring Change

  • The multi-aspects of Change

  • What does change mean?

  • Implementing change
  • Week 2

    Practicising Change

  • Change as repeated action

  • The familiar versus unfamiliar

  • Consistency and repetition
  • Week 3

    Emotions and Change

  • Reactions and repeating

  • Change as fear

  • Emotional challenges
  • Week 4

    Change and Inspiration

  • People who change history

  • Learning from others

  • How others overcame obstacles
  • Week 5

    Change and Health

  • How food affects mood

  • Exercise to motivate action

  • Culture and food choices
  • Week 6

    Change and Cycles

  • Internal and external change

  • Life as constant change

  • Change as growth and learning
  • who should attend

    This course is for anyone who wishes to make changes, whether, within their life, their personality, their habits, goals and so forth. It is also for people who seek to learn and challenge themselves, even if the change is simply within their mind. It should also be noted, it is not compulsory for participants to choose a goal to achieve during the 6 week period. However, while we strongly recommend everyone who attends, to fully utilise this aspect of the course, we recognise everybody is different and not everyone feels comfortable or even has an aspect they wish to change and instead, simply wishes to pursue the course for the content presented alongside mix with other people who may share similar ideas. We would also like to add, everyone who attends is treated with respect and while the course aims to teach, we also learn from every person attending the course because we respect everyone who takes the time to join us.

    rates and booking

    How much?

    The total cost for the 6 week course is: £325 in total


    London N1. (i.e/ Shoreditch, Islington, Kings Cross, Barnsbury, Hoxton). The exact venue will be confirmed nearer the start.


    1.30pm - 3.30pm Saturday 12th May 2018, for 6 weeks


    Maximum 10 places per course


    click here to book


    Up to 30 days before course commencement, full refund. Up to 15 days, 50% refund. If you cancel less than 10 days before the course starts, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund.


    Unfortunately, at present, we do not offer any concessionary rate