men only

men only

This course is designed for men who wish to change aspects of themselves, their lives, or just to examine themselves and who they are, in order to understand themselves better, regardless of change. The course offers a place to discuss, explore, support, listen to others and allow a space to breath, outside of the normal confines of everyday life. So why only men? Because in today's society, it is not easy being a man. For women, there are places they feel comfortable to go and talk, friends who will listen, a society that offers sympathy. However, for men, it can be a different story, a much more lonely story. This is in part due to no-one around to listen or understand the stress of living in a society which tells men they should be strong, wealthy, popular and able to withstand all challenges. Yet, all of us are human and everyone can crack.

Aside from being a man or woman, essentially, everyone needs a space to be understood, heard and valued. Sadly however, it can feel intimidating turning to others who might judge us as failing, or turning to partners or family, only to regret it because they lack understanding, making us feel worse. In addition, with the recent blame placed upon men, portraying men to be sexual predators, abusers and violent agressors, it only silences those men, who fear, if they speak openly and honestly about how they really feel, they will be judged. However, remaining silent can mean keeping it all locked up inside. While women make more suicide attempts than men, men make more lethal ones, hence, the higher rate of male suicide. Subsequently, this course was specifically designed for men only, to provide an option, as a place for men to turn to.

course outline

Week 1

A Review

  • What worked and what didn't

  • Rehashing the past

  • A practical look at the present
  • Week 2

    Facing Demons

  • Vices / addictions

  • Needing to block it all out

  • Enjoyment or escapism
  • Week 3

    Expressing emotions

  • Disconnected and overthinking

  • Isolation and silence

  • Anger and frustration
  • Week 4

    Reassessing ability

  • Who you are versus who you've become

  • When others devalue you

  • The confidence gauge
  • Week 5


  • Who is helping and who is not

  • Rekindle or walk away

  • Withdrawn, unsociable or oversociable
  • Week 6

    Refocus and Realign

  • Making life happen

  • New goals and moving forward

  • Commitment to the future
  • who should attend

    This course is open to any man who feels the course would benefit them and their life. It should be noted, this course is not designed as group therapy, rather, it is for individuals who intend to refocus, think over, examine and have the opportunity to discuss life matters, yet, without the judgement. It is a platform to learn alongside regain and re-establish who we are, especially when events, people and bad habits knock us off course. There are no group hugs or singing rituals, instead, the course should faciliate as a backdrop or prop to reorganising life and probing own's character and position. Please note, this group cannot cater for anyone presenting serious mental health issues, as it is not equipped to manage such complex needs.

    rates and booking

    How much?

    The total cost for the 6 week course is: £325 in total


    London N1. (i.e/ Shoreditch, Islington, Kings Cross, Barnsbury, Hoxton). The exact venue will be confirmed nearer the start.


    3.45pm - 5.45pm Sunday 13th May 2018, for 6 weeks


    Maximum 10 places per course


    click here to book


    Up to 30 days before course commencement, full refund. Up to 15 days, 50% refund. If you cancel less than 15 days before the course starts, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund.


    Unfortunately, at present, we do not offer any concessionary rate