food and freedom

Food & freedom

If not careful, our eating habits can take over our life. We overeat, then feel overweight and bad and subsequently avoid socialising because we feel disgusted with how we look. Or maybe, we avoid social events because we wish to avoid eating. To make matter worse, the subject of clothes and dressing up can become troublesome because trying to feel okay regarding our image can be a struggle when we hate what we see in the mirror, despite what others may say.

Overall, how we feel, look and eat can negatively interconnect and spiral into an ongoing cycle which can become hard to break. In addition, in terms of knowing the facts about the junk foods we should avoid, often we know what we need to do, we just can't do it. Instead, our (supposed) lack of discipline makes us feel hopeless, driving us to over eat again, feel bad and thus, the cycle continues.

This course provides an opportunity to change the rut we might find ourselves in regarding the cycles of eating, weight and image and how desperate we may come to feel about the subject. While nutrition is discussed within the course, the overarching theme is to help break free from unhelpful habits and behaviours which can make daily life feel miserable. It can feel very lonely trying to battle an ongoing fight with ourselves and especially when others have no idea. While there are no magic shortcuts included in this course (because shortcuts seldom work), with the right environment, support, information and most importantly, an intention to change, even those feeling hopeless can change. In life, a lot of the time, we have the capability to change but trying to do it by ourselves becomes the obstacle. Instead, this course provides a route to live a more fulfilled life, by stopping food, weight and image issues from controlling us.

course outline

Week 1

How we Got Here

  • Life events, triggers and the past

  • The cycle of ongoing defeat

  • Is change even possible
  • Week 2

    Exploring Emotions

  • Is there a pattern to how we feel

  • When feeling bad becomes normal

  • Being afraid of what we feel
  • Week 3

    The Mind

  • Does our mind really help us?

  • Spotting defective thinking

  • The ugly and pretty talk
  • Week 4

    Reinvent Life

  • Be someone else

  • Making goals / taking part again

  • Daring to try something new
  • Week 5

    Health and Nutrition

  • How nutrition can help

  • Addiction has become normalised

  • Health and body as our friends
  • Week 6

    Change and the Future

  • Getting rid of what doesn't work

  • Releasing control to live again

  • Praising achievements
  • who should attend

    This course is for those seeking to improve around the issues of eating, weight and image. For anyone looking to simply lose weight, this course is not a weight loss program and joining a group such as slimming world or weight watchers, might be more suitable. Instead, this course addresses the real, underlying reasons relating to weight gain and dieting, alongside, unhealthy mindsets and psychological barriers which cause a person to feel defeated. Subsequently, this course is aimed at those who wish to break the cycles of dieting and food as a controlling force in their life and instead, find freedom around the subject, which ironically, will often see a person naturally lose weight (if this is the goal). However, this course is not exclusive to weight loss or gain but incorporates a broader theme of topics, so anyone who is seeking to improve their image and mindset around eating and generally feel better within themselves regarding the topic, we hope you will join us.

    rates and booking

    How much?

    The total cost for the 6 week course is: £345 in total


    London N1. (i.e/ Shoreditch, Islington, Kings Cross, Barnsbury, Hoxton). The exact venue will be confirmed nearer the start.


    1.30pm - 3.30pm Sunday 13th May 2018, for 6 weeks


    Maximum 10 places per course


    click here to book


    Up to 30 days before course commencement, full refund. Up to 15 days, 50% refund. If you cancel less than 10 days before the course starts, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund.


    Unfortunately, at present, we do not offer any concessionary rate